It's your gun.

Intelligun® is a fingerprint locking system which completely locks your gun, unlocking it immediately only for you and for your authorized users.

No keys, watches, or codes are needed. All you do is pick up and hold your gun normally, and Intelligun® reads your fingerprint, authorizes you, and unlocks your gun right away, allowing only you to use your gun. Right when you let go of your gun, Intelligun® relocks your gun, rendering it completely inoperable.


  • No change to your gun's basic shape, weight, look or feel.
  • No actions needed to unlock — just hold your gun normally.
  • Relocks right when you let go of your gun.
  • Manual keyed override, allowing you to disable the Intelligun layer of safety with a key.
  • Available for order now on a model 1911 handgun.
  • Retrofit kit and additional handgun models coming soon!

About Intelligun®

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(801) 924-0253

For Corporate and Media Information:

(515) 257-6278